Coating of shaped parts

Vacuum vapor deposition and sputtering.

Thanks to its coating department, Formplast Purkert can deposit high reflexivity coatings to molded parts, which is widely used in the automotive industry to produce lights. It is a technology of applying a thin metal layer inside a vacuum to the surface of a component and then a transparent layer of polymer to protect the metal layer from atmospheric influences. According to the customer's requirements, we monitor the parameters of both layers, thus trying to achieve the maximum required quality.

Our coating department, thanks to the variety of metal layer deposition technologies used, can coat parts with very demanding and differing geometric shapes. We have vapor deposition and sputtering technology in vacuum. With the help of these technologies we are able to offer the customer a customized solution. Parts less complicated in shape make use of the more economical solution of using vapor deposition for coating parts, while the coating of parts with high shape complexity  makes of sputtering. On a professional level, we are mainly concerned with the coating of aluminum, which is by no means the only variant of the metal applied using these methods.

PylonMet VXL

This is a high-vacuum sputtering device that is designed to apply coatings over very short cycle times. The production process is fully automatic. The device is suitable for various types of metals.


This is a high-vacuum vapor depositor that is economical, compact and very fast for coating three-dimensional parts. Double doors allow high productivity.