Molding of technical plastic parts, assembly

In both pressing shops there is a modern and constantly innovated and renewed collection of machinery. We use the best machine technology from leading manufacturers Arburg, Engel, Wittmann and Kuka. There are over 80 presses of different clamping forces in both plants.

We supply plastic parts to leading manufacturers various branches of industry

Precision plastic technical parts designed primarily for the automotive, electrical and textile industries.

Where do we do plastic molding and what do we use as a technique?

Plastic pressing shop Bystřec

The plastic molding shop in Bystřec focuses mainly on the pressing of optical and plated parts.

In our plastic press shop in Bystřec there are a total of 38 presses with a clamping force of between 120 and 500 tons. Furthermore, you will find 10 pieces of 2K presses. The pressing shop in Bystřec operates 3 Leybold coating machines and laser cutting technology.

We use the best machinery technology from Arburg, Engel and industrial manipulators from Wittmann, Kuka and Engel. Furthermore, the central transport of Piovan material as well as powerful and reliable HB temperature control units.

Plastic Pressing Shop Králíky

The pressing shop in Králíky focuses mainly on technical presswork and small assembly kits.

A total of 43 presses with a clamping force of 35 to 400 tons are located in the Králíky pressing shop. We rely on Arburg presses, central transport with automatic station from Piovan, Wittmann and Kuka industrial manipulators as well as high performance and reliable HB and Wittmann temperature control units.

The pressing shop is supported by a tool factory that provides tool maintenance and repair.

New premises in Králíky

At present, we are reconstructing other premises next to our existing halls in Králíky. There will be more than 3,500 m2 available for assembly, storage and pressing.

Assembly of components

In the Králíky plant, we perform the assembly of the molded components that we press into functional units.