Bystřec 427
561 64 Bystřec
Czech republic
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IČ: 47450703
DIČ: CZ47450703


+420 465 467 401


Bystřec (NONSTOP) +420 730 158 494Králíky (Mon - Fri 6:00 - 22:00) +420 733 734 512


Press shop and tool factory Bystřec

Bystřec 427
561 64; Bystřec
Czech republic
50°0'36.185"N, 16°34'57.929"E

Press shop Králíky

Pivovarská 164
561 69; Králíky
Czech republic 
50°5'15.884"N, 16°45'18.065"E

Ing. Zdeněk Purkert

Ing. Zdeněk Purkert Company CEO
Ing. Jan Pešava

Ing. Jan Pešava Director of the company
Ing. Aleš Pomikálek

Ing. Aleš Pomikálek Financial Manager
David Faltus

David Faltus Sales Manager +420 739 654 149
Ing. Marie Kosková

Ing. Marie Kosková Quality Manager
Ing. Miloš Faltus

Ing. Miloš Faltus Construction leader
Josef Faltus

Josef Faltus Tool Production Manager
Ing. Josef Vaníček

Ing. Josef Vaníček Head of the press shop and logistics
Zdeněk Kollár

Zdeněk Kollár Head of Technical Department

Are you interested in working? Personnel Department
Ing. Simona HajzlerováHead of Human Resources

+420 465 676 074 (Mon - Fri: 7:00 – 15:30)
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Financial Accounting +420 465 467 403

Expedition Bystřec(NONSTOP)

+420 730 158 494

Expedition Králíky(Mon - Fri: 6:00 - 22:00)

+420 733 734 512

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Personal Information Processing
Formplast Purkert, s.r.o. with its registered office at Bystřec 427, 561 64 Bystřec, Company ID 47450703 takes care of the protection of personal data that you give us. It is important that you know that we process personal data that you provide us responsibly, transparently and in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council. You are entitled to request information on registered personal data, to correct it or to delete it if it is granted on the basis of your consent. If automated processing occurs, you have the right to data portability and not to be the subject of a decision based solely on that decision. If you have any questions or requests concerning the processing of your personal data, you can contact us in writing at:
Formplast Purkert, s.r.o., HR department, Bystřec 427, 561 54 Bystřec.

Securing Your Personal Data
Formplast Purkert, s.r.o. takes care of the security of the personal data you pass on to us. We have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your data with respect to the severity of their processing. Your personal information that we have no access from you to any unauthorized person, and we do not pass it on to other entities for further processing without your consent, unless required by law or in the protection of our legal interests.

Right to Information
Your right is to ask Formplast Purkert, s.r.o. about information, what personal data and to what extent we process about you. We will provide you with this information free of charge within 30 days at the latest, and in 90 days at the latest in emergency situations. We will inform you about the extension of the time limit in exceptional cases. If you require the information we register about you, we will first need to verify that you are the person to whom this information belongs. Please indicate your personal identification in your application. If necessary, we have the right to request additional information to identify you before we provide you with the personal information we process for you.
Our right then is to reasonably reject requests for information that are unreasonable or unreasonably repeated, or their acquisition requires disproportionate effort, or would be difficult to obtain (typically from backup systems, archival materials, etc.).

Right of data portability
You have the right to obtain the personal information we hold about you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. Based on your request, this data may be forwarded to another administrator.

Data Update, Correction Right
As personal data may change over time (for example, a change in Surname), we will be happy to inform you that there is a change in your personal information so that we may keep your personal information up to date and avoid any errors. Submitting information about the change of data is essential for us to be able to perform our activities properly This is also related to your right to correct the personal data we register about you. If you find that our data is no longer up to date, you have the right to request a correction.

If you believe that we do not process your personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Czech Republic and the Union, you have the right to object and we will subsequently verify the legitimacy of your request. At the time of objection, the processing of your personal data will be limited until it is verified that the objection is justified. We inform you that you are also entitled to appeal against personal data processed by us that we process for you to the applicable Personal Data Protection Supervisory Authority at:
Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů
Pplk. Sochora 27
170 00 Praha 7

Processing Restrictions
You have the right to limit the processing of your personal data if you believe it is not accurate, or we process it illegally, and if you believe that we no longer need it for processing purposes.

Deletion Right
If you have ever given us permission to process your personal data (for example, the email address within the newsletter you send), you have the right to revoke it at any time and we have the obligation to delete the data we process solely under your consent. The right to erase does not apply to processed data under the obligation to perform the contract, legal reasons or legitimate interests. If some of your data is stored in back-up systems that automate the resilience of all of our systems and function as data loss protection in the event of an accident, it is not in our power to erase these data from back-up systems and often not even technically feasible. However, these data are no longer actively processed and will not be used for other processing purposes

Where to go
You can also contact your personal data inquiries at or the Human Resources Department of our company:
Formplast Purkert, Inc.
Bystřec 427
561 54 Bystřec Czech Republic

Websites - Log Files
If you access and browse our website, we do not process any personal information about you.

Processing of Personal Information
See how Formplast Purkert, s.r.o. processes the following personal data / categories of personal data, including specified legal titles, purposes and processing times for individual records of processing activities in the categories Business Contacts and Camera Records. The way of personal data processing in the Personnel data category is available at our HR department in Bystřec and Králíky.

Category: Camera Records

Record of industrial cameras at Formplast Purkert premises Data Processing from CCTV

Data obtained from another entity - No
The record contains information about a minor - No

Legal Title - Authorized Interest
Personal Information - Camera System Record - Audio, Video, Photo (Personal Information)
Purpose of processing - Acquisition and storage of CCTV data to protect property and enforce any legal claims Processing time - 2 weeks

Category: Business Contacts

Contacts to our suppliers and customers

Data obtained from another entity - No
The record contains information about a minor - No

Legal Title - Contract Performance
Personal Information - Address (Personal Information), Email (Personal Information), First and Last Name (Personal Information), Phone (Personal Information)
Purpose of processing - Contact and management of all agenda with suppliers and customers of our company
Processing time - For the duration of the business relationship and further under special laws

Transfer of Personal Data to Third Countries

There is no transfer of personal data to processors or other recipients in third countries or international organizations
The privacy policy is regularly reviewed and may be updated as necessary. The last change to this privacy policy was on Friday, May 25, 2018.